Custom Programs

Loyalty is at the heart of what we do!!

What does customer loyalty mean to you and your business? How do you define customer loyalty? Is it a behaviour? An attitude? or is a feeling the only thing that matters?

Loyalty comes in many forms!! So you need to have a clear picture of the economic or social value you are trying to create. If you don't have this expectation, any initiative created to inspire customer loyalty will fail the basic business case test.

Others out there will talk about how great their loyalty program is!! But does it suit you and your companies goals and objectives? Loyalty programs are not just about collecting points.

At Rubio we like to help you build a business case for your program. We find that once this business case is understood, it is easier to define the type of loyalty program you should be running. It is also easier to implement the correct measurements to deliver an accurate Return On Investment. This way you know if the program is working for you and whether you need to tweak it or not.

We specialise in custom made Loyalty programs, so we can deliver the right solution for your business.